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Vanport, Marine, Inc.
Ship Repair and Fabrication Services in Portland, OR


Topside Voyage Repairs

Vanport Marine offers complete topside and voyage repairs for ocean going vessels, river tugs and barges. Ready and mobile 24 hours a day, our dedicated and experienced crews will attend to the repair needs of your vessel—dockside or underway. With our collective depth of experience in ship repair, we are able to tackle the most demanding types of repair. We will work with you to keep your job on time and on budget. Read more…

Custom Metal Fabrication

Vanport’s skilled metal workers offer you expertise in custom steel and aluminum fabrication. Our welders are certified through a variety of classifications including SMAW, ABS and the City of Portland. Read more…

Mobile Services

One of Vanport’s unique strengths is the ability to mobilize resources quickly and efficiently. Weather the job involves ship repair, steel fabrication, mechanical repair, hydraulic systems or rigging, we have the vehicles, equipment and personnel ready to go 24/7. Read more…