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Ship Repair and Fabrication Services in Portland, OR


NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Assoc.) 2012 to present: In 2012 NOAA relocated its Pacific Fleet to Newport Oregon. Since then Vanport Marine has been involved in various projects, on several of their vessels. Projects have included:

  • Fairweather – Engine Room piping; Berthing piping; MSD piping; Survey Boat Cradle & Catwalk repairs; Gangway mounting brackets.
  • Rainier – Fabrication and delivery and installation of the after A-Frame; Gunwale and bulwark steel repairs; MSD upgrades; Engine room piping modifications; Aft crane maintenance and catwalk modifications.
  • McArthur II – Davit and Winch removal including all electrical components.
  • Bell M Shimada – M/E Krill Fuel Flow Meter install with piping mods; Side A-Frame Ram Mount repair;
    SW Ballast piping repairs; Reverse Osmosis piping mods; Bridge wiper replacements; Chill Water CUNI piping repairs.
  • Oscar Dyson – M/E Krill Fuel Flow Meter install with piping mods.

M/V Pacific Collector: From 2009 to present the Pacific Collector has been home ported in Portland OR. Vanport Marine has been involved with assisting in outfitting the ship for its new assignment; Projects have included:

  • TTS Antennas Relocation Relocate & refurbish ship’s library | Deck modifications | Energy Room and Machinery Space Bilge Plate Renewals | Fabricate & install RSS Antenna Platform | Fire Main Valve renewals
  • In addition we perform routine maintenance onboard the vessel.

SS Pacific Tracker: From 2009 to present the Pacific Tracker has been home ported in Portland OR. We have been involved with assisting in the outfitting the ship for its new assignment; Projects include:

  • Marine Sanitation Device removal and installation | Security Lighting design and installation | Slop Tank modifications | Engine Room Bilge Piping design and installation
  • In addition we perform routine maintenance on the vessel.

Seaspan Barge 250 & 251: These barges call on Portland OR. Since 2002 Vanport Marine has provided the maintenance services required for these vessels.

Cape Horn, Cape Hudson: 2011 to Present, the Cape Horn and Cape Hudson are located in San Francisco Bay. Vanport Marine provides a team of employees that routinely travel to the bay area to perform repairs on board the vessels.

Foreign Flag Vessels; Vanport Marine has the expertise and certifications to perform crane boom inserts; Repair or renew crane sheaves; Structural steel or piping repair or renewals. Electric Motor Rewinds.

Ocean Gold, Crane Sheave Renewals | Nord Hong Kong, Crane Boom Insert | Taokas Wisdom, Crane Boom Inserts | MV Loreta, Crane Sheave Repairs | COSCO Sea Brilliance, Bulkhead Inserts

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock: Working at the Port of Vancouver, USA, Vanport helped ready the heavy dredge Terrapin Island for the Corps of Engineers Columbia River Dredging Project. Vanport modified the pocket connector piping and its 34” flanges to accept the new design. We also renewed 80’ of raw piping in both the port and starboard engine rooms. For the same project in Kalama, Washington, Vanport fit and welded 1150’ of 30” pipe to which the dredge connects to pump river spoils into the three disposal dikes at the Port of Kalama.

City of Portland Parks and Recreation: Vanport replaced decking, and renewed aluminum structural cross members along Portland, Eastbank Esplanade.

Titan Salvage: Caison fabrication/welding for shipwreck salvage operation: Coos Bay, Oregon: Flame cut and beveled 14 sections of 71” diameter piping, fit and welded the sections together and fabricated and installed jetting pipe pieces to penetrate the bottom baffle plate and the top baffle plates.

Ash Grove Cement Plant, Portland, Oregon: Vanport designed, fabricated and installed a foundation and 18” piping to accommodate a new 6000 CFM air blower. We also designed, fabricated and installed a silencer system for the discharge side of the supply.

Tri-Met – MAX Light Rail System: The project involved security upgrades to 118 automated ticket dispensers. Vanport welded stainless steel hasps to the dispensers located along the Hillsboro to Gresham line.

Hickey Marine: Vanport’s crew traveled to Reedsport, Oregon for repairs to the barge Umpqua II. The work, which was done in a graving dock, included cropping out and renewing 180 feet of chine plus other large sections of bottom and side plating.

Port of Everett, Washington: Vanport welder fitters working with Greenberry Industrial installed two new screw conveyors on the port’s Dockslider. The project included rigging the units into place and modifying the four existing bottom head flanges as well as fabricating and installing a new work platform in way of the conveyor chutes.

Alaska Ship & Drydock – Emergency repairs to M/V Empress of the North: Sent a crew of welder fitters to Alaska to perform emergency dry dock steel repairs to cruise ship vessel. Work included cropping and renewing steel on the side shell, bottom plate, and bulbous bow. The repairs were in conjunction with temporary repairs made on the keel plate to ensure safe passage to Portland for final repairs.