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Vanport, Marine, Inc.
Ship Repair and Fabrication Services in Portland, OR


Vanport Marine has and always will be committed to employing the most skilled, versatile, committed people. We compensate them well, we trust them, and we expect great things of them. We offer full medical, dental, vision, life, and long term disability insurance, 401K with matching contributions, paid holidays and vacations to all full time employees.

We continually improve employee skill levels, versatility, and knowledge through training and mentorship. We appreciate and reward transfer of knowledge and willingness to help less experienced crew members learn new skills and safety protocols.

We work as a team – No one wins, unless we all win. We help each other be right, not wrong. We look for ways to make new ideas work, not for reasons they won’t, and we take pride in each other’s successes.

We treat every job, regardless of size, or type of work required, as an opportunity to prove that we are the best. Every job is important.

At Vanport Marine shared commitment results in shared success. Financial success is shared with employees through a profit sharing program tied to team success and to each employee’s demonstrated commitment to our collective goals.

We are selective about jobs. We choose to work for smart customers who understand the value of preventive maintenance, safety, and lasting repair work. We care so much about our reputation for good work that we will turn down work for customers who want to cut corners rather than doing the job right.

We are an equal opportunity employer and a drug free workplace.

If you interested in becoming a member of the Vanport team, please send your resume to :

Vanport Human Resources
2711 NE Columbia Blvd
Portland OR 97211

Or you can attach it to an email here.